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WADA 2012 Anti-Doping Testing Statistics

Five charts summarizing the WADA’s 2012 statistics, partly showing previous years as well. WADA statistics this year have been derived from ADAMS for the first time. Laboratory based figures will probably be released in September.

A-Samples Tested

It goes up again after 2011 but still below the 2009 level. Interesting bit (and also what has been criticized by Richard Pound), AAF level is flat for years now.
88% of samples are urine, 5% blood, 6% ABP. 54% is collected out of competition, rest during the competitions.

Which Labs?

Most samples analyzed in the US, however most “olympic” samples in Germany, followed by Russia.

Prohibited Substances

Well, the share of anabolic agents lower than last year (59%). Instead more peptide hormones/growth factors and glucocorticosteroids have been used.

What Sports?

Football leads, but remember how many million players are around the globe. Essentially saying not very much, imho. High figures of athletics and cycling much more positive in my view. Also beware, below chart doesn’t include biological passport (see further down). Finally, the chart shows “olympic” sports only.

Biological Passport

Despite all the criticism, cycling leads, and has increased the number of ABP tested substantially from 2011. In total, 18,223 ABPs have been tested last year, compared to 6,082 in 2009. Interesting to see as well that a lot of sports started in 2012 using ABPs, such as tennis, boxing, voleyball etc.

Samples Collected by Nados & Nat. Federations

An attempt to show which countries’ national anti-doping organizations test most.

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